30 Day Healthy Eating Challenge


Tonight, as I lay in bed trying to go to sleep, my mind can’t help but race. I had a fabulous day in Manitou Springs and at Garden of the Gods and I’ve been thinking about what what I can do to become healthier. My eating habits have changed dramatically over the past few months with the elimination of red meat, poultry and pork. I’ve been drinking more water and less sugary drinks. All of that has made me feel healthier, and get sick much less frequently. While all of this change has been good, I’ve noticed that, even though I’ve been eating a mostly vegetarian diet (I still eat fish from time to time), there are certain foods that I still love to eat that aren’t really doing me any favors.

I’ve decided to challenge myself to 30 days of eating nothing but healthy food. My goal is to have a vegetarian breakfast and a vegan lunch and dinner. My alcohol intake will also be dropping substantially and I aim to drink only once a week for the next four weeks, if at all. Considering my birthday is on October 12 and, well, it’s me… there will be tequila flowing that night. Anyway, back to what I was saying.

My 30 day challenge is something that I have decided to do in order to ensure continued health and wellness, stimulate some weight loss, and ultimately get in the habit of eating healthy enough to the point where bad food no longer tempts me. They say it takes 30 days for a habit to form and I think that if I can make it through the next month, it will have a domino effect and begin to influence other parts of my life.

So… here are the steps that I am going to take. Your help and encouragement will be welcome throughout this challenge and after.

1. Wake up and drink a tall glass of water before eating breakfast.

2. Cook the majority of my meals and eat out sparingly.

3. Hoop, hike, meditate or go to the gym after work at least three times a week. Hiking to the top of a mountain and then hooping for 20 minutes before going back down? Challenge accepted.

4. Limit alcohol intake to two drinks a week (except for my birthday).

5. Record progress in a journal.

I think five steps is enough to think about for now, however, if you have techniques that work for you I would love to hear about them. I’m well aware that my challenge will be exactly that. I may fall, but it will be absolutely crucial that I get back up. I welcome text messages, words of support, a verbal ass kicking if necessary, and hugs.

Oh… and I suppose that I should declare a beginning date for the entire world to see… my challenge begins Monday, September 24th at 7am.

Thank you in advance for your support, my friends.


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  1. You can do this! My top trick for making healthy changes is to find high quality, healthy substitutions for foods I’m trying to eliminate. For example, substituting a new ritual like hot tea after dinner instead of eating dessert. It gives me something to do, without all the sugar. Also, gotta plan ahead. Make Sunday a food planning day, shop and do a little prep.

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