What Did I Do to Deserve This?


“We’re havin’ such a good time together and it’s only just begun… my heart’s never smiled so hard, baby… lovin’ you is fun.” – Easton Corbin, from the song ‘Lovin’ You is Fun’


I’m smiling from ear to ear as I write this post because I’m sitting here thinking about all the things I could have possibly done to deserve the amazing man I have. I still haven’t quite figured it out, but whatever it was, I’m glad as hell that I did it. If you’re reading this thinking “Oh dear… here comes another sappy love post,” well, you’re damn right! I’m ecstatic. I’m running around singing country tunes, dancing in my underwear, shouting from the tallest mountain I can find, “No, you hang up first”, straight up happy.

My friends who have seen me lately are scratching their heads because they’ve never seen me so girly. They’ve never seen me blush so much or smile so big whenever I talk about him. They see a spring in my step that wasn’t there before. They see a light inside me that shines brighter when I’m with him. I’ve always been Rachael, but it seems that he brings out the best in me. If there is anyone out there who I feel totally whole with, it’s him.

When we first met in November 2011 at my friend Hannah’s birthday party, he and I noticed each other right away. However, due to our circumstances at the time we couldn’t say anything. We just had a blast together. Unbeknownst to either one of us, we never forgot about each other nor did we know what would happen six months down the road.

In May of 2012, I was getting ready to take myself on a date. I wrote a status on my Facebook page asking if anyone would care to join me for dinner and if so, they needed to respond in 20 minutes. He was the only one to respond. We went to Watercourse (of the BEST vegetarian restaurants in Denver) and again, had a blast.

We hung out a couple days later at a beer tasting that he had invited me to. As usual, hours of fun ensued and by the time we left the event, we were holding hands. It just naturally happened and I was pleasantly surprised. I had not expected it.

The butterflies started fluttering their wings in my tummy and for the first time in two years, I felt completely at ease with someone. Although it’s only been a couple months since we started hanging out, I feel completely content. We decided that we wanted to be together in June and I whole heartedly believe that that was the best decision I could have made.

He gets me. I can be stupid around him. He makes me feel beautiful. I make him laugh. We talk… and I mean really talk… about everything. It’s like Christmas every time I get to see him. We joke around. We cook delicious food together. He kisses my forehead and cuddles me when I’m feeling sad. I push him to be a better person. For all those reasons and more, we fit.

If there was anyone that I could so easily give my heart to and trust to take care of it, it’s Dylan. In such a short time, he’s made me see why it never worked out with anyone else. It was natural to fall in love with him and I could not be more grateful. Once again… I have no idea what the hell I did to deserve him, but whatever it was, I’m so beyond glad that I did it.


About Rachael Moyte

Food. Art. Music. Pillow forts. Hula hoops. Beanies. Bass (the instrument, not the fish). Denver. Traveling. Friends. Butterflies. METAL! Comfy pants. Books. Books. Books. Writing. Beer. Walking. Sunshine. Rain. Sugar skulls. Tattoos. Lots more.

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