Hooping: My Heaven


I bought myself a hoop sometime during the second half of the summer. It was a pink and purple, two-pound hoop that I planned to use specifically for exercise. At that time I hadn’t even considered the idea of learning how to dance with my hoop or find other people in my neighborhood who may have had a similar interest. All I wanted to do was get a little bit of a workout in the privacy of my home. It wasn’t until I had pretty much nailed waist hooping and could keep the hoop spinning for about twenty consecutive minutes that I decided I wanted to learn how to do tricks. 

By the time October rolled around, I had really taken an interest in the ART of hooping. There were plenty of tutorials on Youtube to choose from and I watched a few to try to learn some things. However, I soon found out that my apartment simply wasn’t big enough for me to even attempt many of the tricks I wanted to learn. So, I began my search for other hoopers in my community. I didn’t realize how big the Denver hoop scene was and I’ve only met a small fraction of the awesome folks in it. My good friend, Baby, happens to live two blocks from me and her and I now hoop together regularly. 

My collection of hoops is growing. It’s currently at four which all vary in size and weight. I have no intention of stopping my collection here. With as easy as they are to make, don’t be surprised if I have a wall full of hoops someday. 

Foot Hooping!

I’ve progressed quickly and can now hoop around my waist, foot, thigh, neck, hand and elbow. The tricks are a bit harder and take time to master, but I intend to master them all. Hooping has really helped me focus my energy on one thing at a time. If I’ve had a rough day, I walk to Cheesman Park and practice a trick until I get it perfect (even if I only get it perfect once). Hooping helps me turn negative energy into positive and by the time I’m finished, I don’t even care to think about what was wrong anymore. It’s like a weight is lifted off of my shoulders and I can pay attention to things, or people, that matter more than my problems. 

I guess you could say that hooping has become my own personal heaven. It ranks right alongside writing and painting for me except one benefit that I get with hooping that I don’t get with the other art forms is a sweet set of abs. While I don’t have them just yet, I will. I’ve already noticed a considerable difference in my waistline since I started and I feel great about that. I also incorporate my own style of dancing into hooping which just makes it even more fun.

Who isn’t happy when they’re jammin’ out to their favorite tunes, dancing, hooping and laughing? I know I am. 

I’m really glad to have found such a seemingly simple activity that makes me smile as often as I do. I’m also super excited to start choreographing some routines and make videos to show anybody who wants to watch. There’s really no sense in being this happy if you can’t share it with the world, right? So, in closing… keep an eye out for updates, photos, videos and maybe even a live performance here or there. I’ve got some cool stuff in store with this hoop business.





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  1. What a cool blog. It is so nice to see you happy and if you have had a difficult day, to change the vibe. It was great seeing you the other day.

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