A Letter From the Future to the Past


January 4th, 2013

Dear Rachael of the Past,

Wow… what a year 2012 was! I can’t believe how crazy my life has been over the last twelve months. At first I wasn’t really sure what was going to happen… but I’ve accomplished a ridiculous amount this year. Definitely more than I had ever thought possible.

I got a new job. It’s everything that I have been wanting and I’ve been there for about nine months now. It’s nothing like my old job at the hospital. I do what I love… I get to write about all kinds of interesting subject matter and no one day is the same as the next. I’m making about $20,000 more than I was which bumped me up to $50K. Talk about sweet! My coworkers are amazingly talented writers and we’re all quite creative. It seems that our hair colors change as quick as the projects do and I can’t tell you how awesome it is to be able to come to work in my sweats if I want. In fact, I oftentimes do. Not only that… I get to sleep in a few times a week… no more getting up at 6am. The alarm on my phone is all but useless.

My artwork has progressed and I’ve even sold a few of them. The stress relief that I feel when I paint  totally rules. Oh, and guess what!? I’ve become super awesome at hooping and my bass no longer collects dust in the corner of my house. I’ve put together a couple dance routines and learned some rad tricks with my hoop. The Hoopkateers have really taken off and because of this, I’ve lost the extra 30 pounds that I had on me before I started. These abs are definitely something to be proud of.

I’ve written a couple songs on my bass and am pretty close to getting this band started. Remember the metal band that I’ve been dreaming about since childhood? Yeah. It’s almost here. Give it a few more months and who knows… maybe I’ll be writing to you about the shows I just played.

I visited New York and Seattle this year. Both of which were rad. I met a ton of new people and made a lot of great contacts. I even gained a couple clients who I’m now doing freelance writing projects for. I went to LA and visited all of my friends there. It was so great to see them all again after such a long time. Oh, and I finally got my passport and I’m going on a trip to Ireland in a month. After all this time, I’m finally going.

I have a boyfriend now. We’ve been together for a few months and he’s rad. We go to shows a lot, go skateboarding, hang out and just have fun. He’s my best friend and I don’t know what I’d do without him. We’re both independent and the jealousy factor is pretty much nonexistent. It’s really quite a lovely situation for both of us. To be honest, I love the guy and the best part of it is… he loves me too. The guy can match me when it comes to farting which, to some, may be kind of disgusting. But you know how I am. We compliment each other well.

One more thing that you’re going to be proud of me for doing… I finally started writing my book and I’m about half way through. I’ve decided to make it an urban fantasy series and I’ve got a couple agents and publishers interested in it when it’s finished. I’m not sure how many books I’ll write for this particular series, but I figure I’ll get through the first one before I start thinking about any of the others. Either way… it’s great that this is finally panning out. Great things happen when you finally stop being lazy.

I’m very close to completing school. I believe I only have one more month left. By the way, the lip balm I created works great. There is already one shop in Boulder that carries it and I’m working on getting it into a few shops here in Denver.

It’s really awesome to be doing so many things that I love. It’s like I don’t ever have to work. Life is just that good and I’m super stoked. I know that it only gets better from here. Yeah, there were a few rough spots but life wouldn’t be interesting without them and I’d never grow into the amazing person that I have. So, while the tough times sucked a bit I’m very grateful for them. They helped to shape who I am and what I aspired (and aspire) to be.

I can’t wait for you to see who I am a year from today in 2014. Prepare yourself because it’s only going to get wilder… and never forget that I love you.


Rachael of the Future


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