All I Needed was a Snow Day


I called in to work today after spending 20 minutes simply trying to get off my street… and it seems this day off is exactly what I needed. After a particularly tumultuous day yesterday that left me drained and wondering if I could even stand to get up this morning, the gods gave me a bit of a break with a ridiculous amount of snow.

When I walked out to my car this morning there was about nine inches of snow just chillin’ on the roof and another foot surrounding the vehicle itself. I brushed the snow off, got inside and turned on some In Flames. Perfect music for the holiday season if you ask me. I was able to get down the street, but when I tried to turn left on Colfax I got stuck. I backed up, tried to turn right and got stuck again. After numerous attempts to get unstuck, I backed into a parking space and turned my car off. It looked like work was going to have to wait. There just wasn’t anything I could do.

I walked back into my apartment after letting the higher ups know the sitch and got back into my sweats. About an hour later I went and checked to see if the snow had lightened up at all. Nope. It had only gotten worse and so had the roads. I made a “Rachael’s safety” executive decision and decided that it would be best for me to just stay home. From what I’ve been told, people generally like having me around and what kind of jerk would I be if I went and got myself in an accident? A big one.

So I’m sitting here comfortably in my warm bed thinking about some things and helping my mom get some little writing projects done. Having this day to decompress is doing wonders for my attitude and I feel like I could go to work with a better outlook… but I feel like the snow has other plans. At least for my actually getting to my place of employment that is. I’m thinking some reading, writing, meditation and perhaps some painting and laundry are in order. Sending out some good vibes for a few necessary changes would probably be a good idea too.

Today, it’s gonna be about me and getting my mental state in better shape from the comfort of my little apartment. It’s the season of Yule (or Christmas, Hannukah, or whatever festivity you deem appropriate) and people are supposed to have some things to be happy about. Certain aspects of my life have been less than appealing as of late but I figure I’ve got a whole lot more to be happy about. With that being said, I’m off to make myself some food and immerse myself in a story book.

Stay classy, friends.


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