Celebrating Samhain… and Honoring Those Who’ve Gone Before Me


We had our first snow the other day… well, our first heavy(ish) snow really. I have been looking forward to the cooler weather, the shorter daylight hours and darker seasons of the year pretty much since Spring bloomed. Now here we are again, ready to repeat the cycle of life, death & rebirth. In a few days I will celebrate Halloween, but this year it will be a bit different.

2011 will mark my first year celebrating Halloween as Samhain (Sau-in), which is basically the Celtic New Year… it is when the Horned God must make some sweet, sweet lovin’ to the Great Mother and start the process of makin’ the baby that will grow into the following year. Samhain also marks the time when the veil between our world and the Otherworld is at its thinnest and those who have passed on before us may cross back over to visit us or vice versa. It is when we honor our ancestors and celebrate their lives.

This year I’ll be celebrating the lives of everyone that I’ve lost… from my grandmother, my cousins Chris & Nicole, my love Jack, and my friend Sunny. All of these people left this life way to soon in my opinion but they’ll forever be remembered for who they were and how they influenced and touched the lives of those around them. And of course, as is typical Rachael style, I will be having a beer (and/or a shot) for each of them… covered in face paint and fake blood. Well, at least for part of the night.

Samhain is a very cool holiday though it does touch a bit on a more serious note. So while I will be celebrating in costume and with a beer in hand, I will also be meditating and remembering who all of these people were to me and why I’m a better person who just happened to be lucky enough to know them.

As I learn more about Samhain and the other important pagan holidays that occur each year, I may (or may not) become a bit more traditional in my celebrating… but since this is my first attempt at really understanding what this holiday means and why it’s important to me, I’ll stick with keepin’ it a bit on the lighter side. Especially since I know that those who I’m choosing to honor wouldn’t have it any other way.


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  1. Nice blog Tots. Those that have passed on are never really gone if we celebrate how they touched our lives. They are waiting for us to pass into their realm.

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