All Moved In & On My Own


I moved into my apartment this week. It’s crazy and exciting to finally be on my own… it’s something that seemed as though it would never come, yet here I am, all grown up and ready to take on the world. The first night in my new place alone was strange… waking up was even stranger, but I’ve quickly become accustomed to it.

Arranging things the way that I want them has been fun and I have had the opportunity to do a few things on my own already. I can’t really eat now unless I make myself food. I put my bookshelf together without anyone’s help (other than borrowing my friend Rob’s screw drivers).

My little basement apartment is starting to feel like home. I light incense to make it smell how I like it to smell. I have pictures of friends and family on the walls. My books are in plain sight and I can grab them whenever I want. The best part though, is being able to prance around my own damn living room in nothin’ but my birthday suit. Sorry guys, the curtains are always drawn when I do this.

I feel like I have accomplished something huge. I’m responsible for my own bills, my own wellbeing, my own life. Granted, I will always have people to depend on should times get tough, but I’d like to depend as little on them as possible. After all, I’m a grown up now.

Getting my own apartment was an even bigger accomplishment than finding my job because now I have a place to call “home”. It’s MY home. I control who comes into my space. I control the energies that I allow to surround me. I decide when my windows get opened and what color of paint goes on my walls. I can now offer a place for my friends to crash if they’ve had a few too many to drive themselves home.

The neighborhood I live in is lovely too. Everything is close by. I can walk across the street to the bar or to my friend’s house. I can walk six blocks to Herbs & Arts, my favorite metaphysical store. There are independent record stores and coffee shops everywhere. If I really wanted to, I could walk to the clubs that I frequent on the weekends. I can also walk a few blocks to the local grocery store. My price of gas is going to decline substantially.

I feel amazing. I feel free. This is just one more confirmation that I am stronger than I ever thought I could be and that the decisions that led me here were the correct ones. This city and the people in it have helped me find my fire again… and now it’s time to set this city ablaze.


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  1. It’s so funny, I am completely satisfied with my life, but I read your words and kind of wish I had my own space!

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