The Moon’s Reminder


As I drove home tonight, I saw the moon as I have never seen it before. Traveling east on Arapahoe Road toward home, I spotted a large, yellow light on my right hand side. It looked like a giant, lit up billboard. Considering I had never seen this “billboard” before, I kept looking until I figured out what it was. To my absolute amazement, I realized that half of the moon was peeking out from the black clouds that encompassed it. It looked as if it was touching the earth. I saw it as I was about two miles from the freeway and kept glancing over it as I got closer and closer to my neighborhood.

About halfway up the road, I noticed something falling from the sky… low and behold, a star. I watched it fall at a very high speed, burning bright before it fizzled into nothing. How strange that I would see such a magnificent moon, emerging from the clouds as if representing new birth… only to see a bright star burn out, dying, a few short moments later.

I kept driving and called a friend, meanwhile still stealing quick glances at the moon as I lost it, found it, lost it again… I wanted to know who else could be seeing what I was seeing. After describing to him what I saw, I told him I’d call him back because I’d decided to go and try to see the moon more clearly. I drove into my neighborhood and passed my street. I kept driving, following, chasing the moon like some sort of crazy woman. I eventually pulled over to try and get a shot on my phone, however, being that my phone has no zoom, I couldn’t properly document just how big the moon appeared to be.

Unsatisfied, I got back in my car and drove even further, up a hill, down a hill, up another one. I stopped where the pavement ended and there was nothing left but dirt. Again, I tried to get a shot. Again, my camera failed me… garnering only a speck of light that did the moon no justice.

Through all of this, I was experiencing euphoria. I had chills up my spine, amazed at the immense size and beauty that this moon represented. It was another one of God’s gifts to nature; to humanity. If I had been able to chase the moon forever, knowing that someday I might touch it, I probably wouldn’t have stopped driving. As loony as that probably sounds, that is the only way I know how to describe what I felt when I looked at the moon tonight.

As humans, it’s very easy for us to forget just how small we really are. We’ve built monuments, buildings, telescopes, dams, and a thousand other structures that at one time seemed like impossible feats. However, when it comes to the massive size of the moon, our oceans, our mountains, our deserts, our universe… all our impressive, man-made accomplishments pale in comparison. Tonight, seeing the moon humbled me and made me remember my humanity. While my life may only be represented by a hundred years if I’m lucky, the moon and everything natural that was here millions of years before me will still be here millions of years after my ashes have returned to the soil.


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