My Bookstore & Coffee House on the Emerald Isle


If I had one chance to go anywhere in the world for an undisclosed amount of time, it would be Ireland. Hands down. I’ve always wanted to go there to experience the culture, the people, and most definitely the scenery. They don’t call it the Emerald Isle for nothin’. Perhaps it’s the fact that a lot of the books I read take place in Ireland, therefore my hunger to go there increases regularly. Or maybe there is something deep down inside me that knows I’m supposed to be there someday. Whatever it is, its got me thinking about things.

Thus far, I haven’t had the means to leave the United States so I really have no idea what any other country is like. That’s mainly because I have yet to get a passport which, obviously, is my own fault. This year will be the year that I finally get off my butt and get my passport. I cannot tell you the opportunities I have missed because of lack of proper documentation. The “I’d go, but I don’t have a passport” excuse ends this year and by next year, I hope to have my first out of country experience.

I have researched international homestay programs for work purposes, volunteer purposes and the purpose of simply wanting to immerse myself in another culture. They’re out there and my plan is to take advantage of a four-week homestay program in Ireland. How does a homestay program work? From what I’ve gathered, I’d be placed with a host family who would provide room and board for the duration of my trip. I’d share in activities with them while still being able to explore my surroundings independently. This would be the perfect opportunity to taste what Ireland is like, make new friends in a foreign land, and really think about whether or not I could see myself living there. Somehow, I don’t think I’d have any qualms.

My dream is to someday move to the Emerald Isle and open up a little book shop and coffee house. It would be a relatively small place possibly tucked away in a quaint cobblestone building with a purple door. There would be books everywhere of every type lining the walls from ceiling to floor. The decor would be quirky, yet cozy and inviting with original paintings from both local artists as well as works from my friends back in the States. Not gonna lie, I’d have some of my pieces up there as well. I’d serve Mystic Monk Coffee and I’d never be without Jameson whiskey and Irish Creme Liqueur. My customers would quickly become my friends and I’d know many of them by name. I’d have a small but awesome staff made up of people who shared the same love of books, art and coffee that I do. Friday nights would be fun because I’d have traditional Irish bands from the area come and play and people could meet, socialize and then afterward, disperse to the local pub for a pint or five.

This isn’t a new dream for me. It’s simply one that up until now, I really had no idea what I would do or how I would make it come true. There are most definitely some details that would need to be worked out in order for me to make this dream a reality like eventually becoming an Irish citizen (yay, dual citizenship!) on top of the fact that I just started my life here in Denver and I should probably enjoy this chapter of my life before I go off skipping pages. This isn’t a goal that can be reached in a short amount of time but I figure I have to start somewhere and why not start by dreaming, right?


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  1. There’s an old saying, “Some dream dreams and say, ‘Why?’ I dream dreams and say, ‘Why not?'”
    Get a passport, first of all. Then, sign up for emails from and watch for cheap flights.

    • Thanks for reading! I’m definitely one who isn’t afraid to dream and going to Ireland has been a recurring one ever since I can remember. Soon, that dream will be a reality. I’ll definitely sign up for e-mails. I really appreciate the reference. 🙂 By the way, just read your blog. Best of luck on your novel! I’ll be watching for it.

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