Fight Like a Girl


“You’re brave and you’re beautiful. So, hold your head high. Don’t ever let them define the light in your eyes. Love yourself, give ’em Hell. You can take on this world, you just stand and be strong and then fight like a girl.” – Bomshel

This morning before I went to the gym, I snapped a quick photo on my phone to check up on the progress I’ve made since starting boxing classes. When compared to photos taken of me as early as a week before my departure from Los Angeles, you can tell a SIGNIFICANT difference. Compare today’s photo with ones taken six months ago and it’s incredible how heavy I was back then. I wasn’t by any means obese, but I was not comfortable. Seeing myself releasing more weight as the days go by gives me the motivation I need to keep going.

May 2010

November 2010

It’s alright for people, especially women, to say “I love myself.” Oftentimes, we think that saying that kind of thing makes us self centered so we don’t always say it for fear of being looked at in a negative way. I try to look myself in the mirror every day and point out something that I like. It’s a way for me to maintain a healthy attitude toward my strengths while simultaneously recognizing certain aspects of myself that I may want to work on.

For example, “I have a beautiful smile… and I’d really love to a flat tummy.” Please point out any negativity that that statement has included in it. That’s right, there isn’t any. I’ve addressed something rad about me while still recognizing an aspect of me that I’d like to see improve. You can also bet your sweet bootaaay that I will have that flat tummy in six months.

Within each of us is the human spirit. It is up to us to decide whether or not that spirit is breakable. In my short 24 years on this planet, I’ve definitely had my share of experiences where I thought for sure that my spirit would break and that I’d never be able to recover. This is where many of us don’t give ourselves enough credit. If we continuously fight for what we believe in, especially within ourselves, never compromising the uncompromisable, there is no way in hell the human spirit can be broken.

We’re all fighters to some extent. Many people just don’t necessarily realize how strong they are until it’s either too late or they’ve given up. Being a fighter doesn’t mean that you have to throw blows in the ring or even in the parking lot of a bar after a few too many brews. It means pushing through pain of your circumstances and using negative feelings like anger, frustration and sadness as motivation to be better instead of letting them hold you back. It’s what I do almost every day. The harder I hit that bag, the more negativity I release and the stronger I become, both mentally and physically.

As women, we owe it to ourselves to be awesome. To look in the mirror and say “You’re beautiful.” To eat right and go to the gym and take care of the glorious temples that are our bodies. We owe it to ourselves to expect to be treated right by everyone we come into contact with, be it family, friends, spouse or otherwise. As women, we owe to ourselves to get out there show the world that not just anyone can fight like a girl. We can.


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