The Puzzle’s Last Piece: A Job


I’ve been in Denver for a little over two weeks now and everything is falling into place. I’ve been spending lots of time with my family, I’ve made some pretty awesome friends and I even have my own place lined up and will be moving in around December/January. I’ve joined a gym and am seeing fantastic results… who knew that me of all people would thoroughly enjoy punching a bag endlessly for an hour? It looks as though I’m well on my way to accomplishing everything I came out here to do. The only thing missing is a job.

The last time I needed a job, I wrote down exactly what I was looking for and essentially, I got what I wanted. A few days ago, my best friend’s mom contacted me and we spoke a bit about how things were going for me out here. I asked her to pray for me and that I would find a job that would inspire and fulfill me. Here is what I asked for:

“I’m looking for a writing job or a creative type job possibly with a non-profit organization or other company where I can grow and make a difference in people’s lives. I’d like a job that is close to my apartment in DTC and that allows me to make enough so that I can handle all of my bills and still have money to stash away in savings… which, ideally would be AT LEAST $12 an hour. Preferably, I’d like to have a casual work environment (NO BUSINESS SUITS!), a positive, fun group of co-workers who work well as a team and who can get work done while still having a good time and being excited about work. If the company works in the arts or music fields, even better. Ultimately, I want to go home at night knowing that someone’s day was made a little better because of me.

I don’t really want to do receptionist type work because I’m not really huge on being on the phone all day. I’m great at proofreading and editing and I very much love to do that sort of work. I’d also like a job where the boss really genuinely cares about the employees. My last boss was A-MAAAAZING and I would be blessed to find another one like her. I just want to be inspired to go to work and know that my efforts are appreciated. I’m looking for full time work so anywhere from 32-40 hours a week. Because I’ll be doing freelance writing work for my old company back home starting in November, I don’t necessarily need a full 40 hour week but would like to have at least 32 hours. If the job offers benefits too, even better.”

Considering that I’m very open to learning new things, I believe that this job is very much attainable. Hell, if someone was willing to train me, I’d put on a hard hat and go to work in construction. Ultimately, I want to work for a company that cares about the people they serve and who can provide what I need to build my life here.

I’d like to ask my readers to say a little prayer for me. I have no doubts that your prayers helped me out the first time when I got my job back in Los Angeles and I have no doubts that they will help me here. Thanks a ton in advance for your support!



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  1. Hi Rachael…glad to hear you are settling in. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon…no real news on Kelly…biopsy was done today, MRI tomorrow. I’ll send a text when we know more. hugs & blessings!

  2. Hi Rachel, I found your blog while searching for positions in the Denver area. Best of luck with your search. I recommend you look at Andrews Hudson’s Job List. It is a wonderful source. The unfortunate thing is that many people know about it so competition can be grand. I’d also look into school systems. Best of luck! I will be in your shoes soon.

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