A Little Update


Here’s a little update on the outcome of what I wanted to manifest in my previous post. As of June 4th, 2010, I was hired on as an Editor/Blog Poster (and eventually, writer) at a Legal SEO company in South Pasadena. I work with an awesome group of people, the environment is positive and I don’t have to dress in a suit. I can sit in my chair Indian style if I want to and my boss is a very nice lady who cares about the morale of her employees. The building is nice and clean with a pack of cats that live in one of the offices next door… so I often have a friend to pet when I’m on my breaks.

The funny thing about this job was that when I was searching Craigslist and saw the ad for this company, I almost didn’t apply. I figured “I don’t know anything about the legal field… next!” but there was something that kept telling me to apply even if it was only for (excuse the French) shits and giggles. Out of all the places I applied to, only two ever responded. Out of those two, only one fit the bill.

I’m proud to take this step in the right direction. I feel like can gain lots of valuable knowledge from this job and will make some great contacts/friends here. Because I decided to write down what I wanted in a job and not stop until I found it, I feel like I really manifested the right job opportunity at the right point in time. Before I did this, I thought that writing my wants down and making dream boards was fun but in a sense, silly. I made a dream board awhile back but didn’t really focus on the images and words that I posted on it. Now, I think I’ll make another one and post it where I see it every day. The quote ‘I Dream Therefor I Am’ really does ring true here.

Until next time, folks!


About Rachael Moyte

Food. Art. Music. Pillow forts. Hula hoops. Beanies. Bass (the instrument, not the fish). Denver. Traveling. Friends. Butterflies. METAL! Comfy pants. Books. Books. Books. Writing. Beer. Walking. Sunshine. Rain. Sugar skulls. Tattoos. Lots more.

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  1. In order to follow your dreams, you need to dream. And dream you do seeing how you are even able to manifest them! I am so proud of you, good job landing your dream job. šŸ˜€

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