Taking a Step Back to Take Five Steps Forward


It’s been about three weeks since I last posted. The times between then and now haven’t been easy. In fact, they’ve been quite a struggle. I’m finally at the point where I’m taking action and doing what I NEED to do to make what I WANT to do happen. After 8 months of being unemployed, I’m going back to work… well, I have two interviews next week and I’m reeeeally going after one of them. A lot of you, my readers, have no idea what my financial situation is and I’ve kept it that way on purpose. I didn’t want to make this blog one where I came to talk about “Oh poor me, my finances suck” and blah blah blah because that does no good for anybody, not even me. What I’m here to talk about is how to take crappy situations and make them into positive ones. If you’ve followed my postings, you’re well aware of this.

Times are not easy for anyone right now. For quite some time, since being a business partner with my opportunity of choice, I had it in my head that having a job was bad. That the only way to be happy was to be in business for myself and screw anybody who told me different. Now, don’t get me wrong… I still believe that being in business for oneself is the road to be on and I’m working toward that, however, I have found that by being jobless and having the worry of “When is my next check going to come?” has dramatically altered my motivation to carry on with my opportunity. It’s very difficult for me to appear calm and collected when speaking to a prospect when my mind is filled with worry. Some people rock at hiding that sort of thing. I’m not one of those people. So, I’m going to be brutally honest in this post and really just throw my pride out the window.

After losing my job in July 2009, which I was quite thankful for, I was dead set on making my opportunity work. I was gonna talk to a ton of people and sign up business partners left and right and by golly, I was gonna get two promotions by the time convention rolled around in September. I thought the opportunity was awesome (because it is), the concept was awesome (it totally is) and I didn’t know anybody who wouldn’t see the awesomeness right in front of their eyes. I was so excited to be venturing out on my own and really make things happen for me. As the weeks passed, I found myself looking for new ways to talk to people. I was going to networking events and meeting folks, but I wasn’t signing anybody up. I started to get worried, I started to get depressed and truthfully, I started to panic. I kept the smile on my face but inside, I was asking myself “Is this person going to give me my next paycheck?”

Now, in an industry like network marketing, your “why” cannot be about the money. In any industry really, it can’t be about the money. If you truly love what you’re doing, money is second in line to the joy that your work brings you. I love network marketing and I do want it to work for me. I know though, that right now, my money situation sucks, I need to work on my presentation and I sure as hell need to work on my close because I can’t close a sale to save my life. That doesn’t mean that I can’t learn and that’s precisely what I’m going to do. Before I can stop worrying about money though, I need to have some coming in. If that means that I go out and get a job for awhile, then that’s what I do. I’ve decided that I’m not going to believe that “jobs are bad” mantra anymore because right now, I need a job. I need to save some money and I need to contribute more to the life that my boyfriend and I are trying to build together. Being that this man is the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with, I need to be making an effort to make our life happen.

I have two job interviews next week. I plan to kick ass at both of them although I’m not gonna lie, I want one waaay more than I want the other. My point is this. Don’t think that because you’re in network marketing that quitting your job is the right thing to do before you have the money to do it. I lost my job in July and didn’t have the money to survive, so I have been relying on other resources to help me. If I had had the money to keep on truckin’ when I lost my job, I’m sure I would be doing way better in my business opportunity and it takes a lot for me to admit that. It’s a pride thing for me and to show myself that I can’t let pride get in the way, I’m admitting my faults to you, my readers. I failed to really put my best foot forward in my business opportunity and make it work for me. I could have tried a whole lot harder and I didn’t. I slapped a smile on my face and tried to cover up the fact that I was truly terrified of what was happening. I was not being honest with myself and I let my pride get in the way.

We are all given opportunities to make the life we dream of because Lord knows nobody else is going to make it for us. I know that some of you who read this will roll your eyes and say “I can’t even believe she thinks this way” and some of you will be able to relate completely. I plan on making my dreams come true and I sure as hell plan on making my business opportunity work for me. I also know that I need a cushion and the rent needs to be paid… so I’m going back to the workforce and I’m going to learn everything I can in order to make the right decisions for me and my future. You may not agree and if you’d like to tell me the next time you see me, that’s fine. I know though, that in order for me to get what I want out of life, I have to make sacrifices and I have to work hard. I want to go to art school. I want to learn how to make glass & metal art. I want to do what gives me joy and I can’t do that while sitting on my couch, worrying about my bank account.

I hope that through my journey, I’ll find encouragement and positive criticism. I expect to surpass my own expectations and the expectations of me set by others. Anything less is unacceptable.


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  1. I relate. . go for your dream strong. your not stopping of giving up but doing what you have to in order to live and you can come back to it later. i admire you honesty and putting your pride down. its a hard thing to do. i have faith in you though and hope all happens for the best.

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