My Bookstore Home Away from Home: Iliad Bookshop


Today was a rather special day for me. My reasoning may seem trivial but sometimes trivial is good.

There is a bookstore less than ten minutes away from my house called Iliad Bookshop. It’s a rare and used book shop that I have been meaning to check out for months now. Well, today I finally went in and boy, did I feel like a kid in a candy shop! There were tons of shelves from floor to ceiling stuffed with books, there were tables with books piled onto them, there were even some free books outside! There was a sitting area and the walls were colorful and bright and there was a one eyed cat named Zola just hangin’ out on one of the chairs! I did my research on this place before going in and Zola is the resident friendly, four legged employee. Now, what is a used bookstore without a cat!?

I roamed up and down the aisles for quite some time before I came upon the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section. I was really hoping that there weren’t going to be a ton of Trekkie books (no offense if you’re into that sort of thing) and hardly any fantasy… and I was happy to find that there were many books in the sub-genres of Sci-Fi and Fantasy! I found a number of urban fantasy books for a fraction of the price that I’d get them for at Barnes & Noble or Borders. I’m not knockin’ those stores at all and I still frequent them, however I might just have to frequent them a little less.

I absolutely fell in love with this bookstore. Not only were there a ton of books for great prices, the staff was very friendly and it just had a homey feel to it… if you’re a bookworm like me. I can’t imagine anyone going in here and not liking it. It’s a little bit dusty but there are some very, very old books there. Iliad has recently expanded and so work is still being done to complete the rest of the store. Oh man, MORE books! I believe that this just may become my home away from home on those rainy days when I just want to curl up with a good book and a one eyed cat.

I highly recommend you check Iliad Bookshop out the next time you’re in the North Hollywood area. It’s on Cahuenga and Chandler. You can’t miss it. If you’re there, give me a call and I’ll come be nerdy with you… if I’m not already there nerding out on my own!


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