So, I’ve Decided to Write a Novel!


When something is on your mind for days at a time, not leaving even for a coffee break, does that mean that you should take action on that something? I’m gonna go ahead and say yes. I’ve been reading a particular book series called the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. I’m almost done with the third book and will need to purchase the fourth soon. The fifth book hasn’t even been written yet and I’m salivated over what happens to the main character next. I know what you’re thinking, but no, the fate of the main character isn’t what’s been keeping me up at night.

I’ve decided that I want to write a novel. I’ve been looking to authors who have written novels in the urban fantasy genre for advice on character development, how to figure out a plot and what kind of situations I want my character to find herself in. While I’m in the very, very, very beginning stages of my novel, I’d love for all of my readers to show some love since this is my first venture into something like this. If you’re an author yourself, please get in touch with me as I’d love any pointers you have to offer. Right now, I don’t have anything down on paper aside from “I’m going to write an urban fantasy novel”. My goal is to have at least a rough outline done by sometime next week.

I want to write this novel for a number of reasons. One, I love to read and have been reading books of this genre for years now and believe that it’s my turn to bring something to the table. Two, I get to use my imagination to create characters and a story line that nobody but myself knows about. Three, I have never written anything of this nature and it’s an experience that will allow me to step out of my comfort zone for awhile. Four, why the hell not? Even if it ends up totally sucking, at least I can say I did it and then go on to write one that sucks less.

I’m pretty excited about this new venture even though I’m not sure exactly where to start. Tell me friends, when you’re writing fiction, how do you come up with your story line and your characters? I’ve heard of people basing characters off of people they know and sometimes even themselves. I’ve heard of people “meeting” their characters and interviewing them. I’m not sure how that works and would love to find out more. How do you come up with a story line that is original and interesting? How do you come up with the situations that your character finds herself (or himself) in? Inquiring minds want to know!

All in all, I’m excited for this new project. I’m not doing it because I have to, but because I want to. I want to test my limits and see just how creative I can get. How far can I stretch my imagination and how beneficial will this be to me in my future? I’ll let you know the answers to these questions when I find them. Take it easy my friends and keep reading!


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  1. Remind me to make you copies of an article I saved by Walter Mosely. From what he says, and what I’ve observed from others, the key is to write something, anything, DAILY. Character sketch, dialog, bits and pieces. Trying to strategize the whole from the beginning and then writing to that concept make work for a few, but many seem to just throw the beginning efforts onto paper and then see what patterns start to emerge.

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