Unique Mystique


Tonight was a fantastic night. I attended a networking event where I met some of the kindest people ever. I’m very excited to build relationships with them. Not only that, I attended the event with my dear friend, Jen, who is one of the most supportive people ever. I find that I’m surrounding by such an amazing group of people and I’m so incredibly lucky. Not only am I lucky, I am incredibly thankful. Sometimes we take those around us for granted as if they will be there forever.

I want to talk about the people we surround ourselves with. Sometimes it doesn’t hit us until much later just how incredibly blessed we are to have the people we do in our lives. I know that I look at my family, my friends, my business partners and even acquaintances that are just now transforming into friends and I find myself dumbfounded. Each and everyone of those people I just mentioned are amazing and so unique in their own ways. A lot of times it is our uniqueness that separates us but really, it should be our uniqueness that unites us.

I am thinking about the people that have come into my life over the past year. A lot of these folks are older than me, in some cases much older… but what’s fascinating is that I feel like I have so much in common with all of them. I am 23 years old and to a lot of people, that’s “young” and I get that, however, I’m not your typical 23 year old. I’ve already done the partying and whatever else it is that people my age are supposed to do and I’ve done it to the max. I have experienced death, heart break, heart ache and had some experiences that those in their 40’s and 50’s have not even dreamed about yet. But none of that matters because I find that I have always been a quality person and I put quality into everything I do. I surround myself with positive thinkers, with mentors and with people who I genuinely respect. If you had a conversation with me, you’d never guess my age because I am wise beyond my years.

For me, relationships are not just vehicles that bring one person into a bond with another. For me, a relationship, no matter what kind it is, is special because it is unique. I can honestly say that each and every one of my peers are unique in their own way and I value that. I value individuality because it is not in our nature to be robots. We were not put on this earth to emulate each other and try to be the same. We were put here to make a difference in the lives of others and I will not sleep until I have done that… in my own way.

People tell me all of the time that there is not another person on this earth like me and I truly believe that. I look at myself in my bathroom mirror every morning and know that there is no other like me. Nobody knows my exact thoughts or why I do some things a certain way. It drives my boyfriend crazy when I do my hand twitch (I have eight different places on each finger that I must touch and if I start touching one place, I can’t stop until I have touched all eight) and yet I know that that nervous (or excited) reaction is mine alone. I can only imagine my readers meeting me in person and then watching for me to do “happy hands”… watch long enough and you’ll catch me. In knowing that I am unique, I find comfort in knowing that all of my friends, family, colleagues and mentors are as well.

Sometimes it is easy for us as humans to categorize ourselves and others into groups. When we’re in junior high and high school, it’s very easy to notice… you know, the jocks, the cheerleaders, the “cool” kids, the geeks, the freaks and whatever other cliche’ clique one might come across. As we get older, though the lines may fade and the names may change, we tend to still categorize. I notice it in myself when I am in a room full people in suits and ties and I’m in jeans and a dress coat. Sometimes I feel like I’m not good enough to be there… like I don’t belong, however, as my friends and mentors will tell me, I am what all of those people are looking for. I’m a fresh face and I have something unique to bring to the table.

In my own experience, I have met many different types of people… from your businessmen & women to your hippie musicians who think the 60’s took a magic ride all the way up to the 2000’s. One thing I always notice is that no matter one’s background, they always have a unique perspective to bring along with all of their shenanigans. Because of this uniqueness that is in all of us, we are one of a kind. Sometimes being one of a kind can be a scary thought and and other times it can be quite empowering!

I have decided that my qualities are beautiful and I am constantly astounded by the qualities of my peers, qualities I do not possess. I have decided to embrace myself so that my peers might be able to embrace me and see the beauty that I have. I am not like any of  you who are reading this now. Can you look yourself in the mirror with a smile on your face and say “I am me”? I certainly hope you can, because without you, this world would be a much dimmer place. OUR world would be a much dimmer place.


About Rachael Moyte

Food. Art. Music. Pillow forts. Hula hoops. Beanies. Bass (the instrument, not the fish). Denver. Traveling. Friends. Butterflies. METAL! Comfy pants. Books. Books. Books. Writing. Beer. Walking. Sunshine. Rain. Sugar skulls. Tattoos. Lots more.

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