Network Marketers: Let Me Feature You!


In the world of network marketing, sometimes we forget that we have a vast market within a market. Those of us who have chosen this industry for one reason or another are always looking for prospects, in other words, people who we’d like to show our business to. Sometimes, the competition gets overwhelming and some of us throw up our arms in frustration and give up. In my opinion, it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ve decided that I want to expose as many fellow network marketers to each other as I can in hopes that we can become not only friends, but perhaps supporters of each others respective businesses. What I mean by supporting each others business doesn’t necessarily mean joining a company or even buying products. Sometimes one company’s products might not be right for me, but I have a friend who could really benefit. I want to develop a market place where we are not always in competition, but in support of one another.

Network marketing is based on relationships, both building and keeping. That’s pretty much Network Marketing 101, right? So, here is what I’d like to do. Starting in November, I will be featuring ONE person from ONE company for that entire month. If you would like to be featured, please send me a bio including how you got started in your current company as well as your future plans, dreams and goals. Also, if you’d like your picture and link to your website (which I think is probably everybody) added, please send those as well. I’d like to keep my monthly features as diverse as possible so if your company has already been featured once, it won’t be featured again until the next year. There are a ton of us in many, many different companies and I would love to feature everybody, however, I have to be fair. I hope that perhaps this concept will catch on and there will be many blogs featuring many different people and companies.

Since October is already almost up, I’m going to be a little selfish and feature my company for the remainder of October. Then, during the first week of November, I will choose a fellow network marketer and feature them for the entire month.

Please send your bios, links & pictures to me at OR send them to me via Facebook. Click here for my Facebook link.

Thanks so much and best of luck to everyone!


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